Tia Mowry Fixed Her Migraines And Eczema By Cutting Out This Popular Ingredient

Tia Mowry Fixed Her Migraines And Eczema By Cutting Out This Popular Ingredient

MYDOMAINE: Your book talks about when you were first diagnosed with endometriosis and how a doctor connected your diet to your health. What are some of the diet changes you made that improved it?

TIA MOWRY: The biggest improvement health-wise for me was staying away from highly inflammatory foods like dairy and processed foods. I was suffering from a serious inflammatory condition and eating foods like dairy, processed sugar, and white bleached flour, which would worsen the situation. After eliminating them, I saw a huge improvement with my endometriosis.

MD: We interviewed a doctor recently who doesn't think any of us should be >eating cheese

, and you also mentioned going off dairy in your book. Can you share your journey? How do you feel? What do you eat to replace it?

TM: I love that doctors are now voicing their knowledge on this. The first time I heard that I needed to stay away from dairy was from my own doctor. I found that when I eliminated dairy from my diet, not only did my endometriosis improve but so did my other highly inflammatory conditions that I was suffering from (like migraines and eczema). I am a true believer in this because once I stayed away from dairy in general even my skin improved.

People are always asking me about my skin and how it is so clear, and it really is about what you eat. I truly believe that when you eliminate dairy you will see health benefits. One of my favorite things to substitute dairy with is coconut milk. It has that nice creamy texture that milk has, so when you are substituting it you don't miss it. Another is almond milk and rice milk. These milks have a thinner consistency and aren’t as creamy and sweet as coconut milk. There are so many substitutions.

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Tia Mowry Fixed Her Migraines and Eczema by Cutting Out This Popular Ingredient
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